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by oneafrikan on January 25, 2006

_ Shaun Dewberry’s Weblog

Some real gems here:

Contemplate checking traffic online. Well, the picture would be the same size and it only shows about four intersections in a 500 kilometre radius from the center of town. Other sites for traffic info? No there are none. Besides, I’ve nearly reached my 3 Gigabyte download cap for this month from my wireless ISP, so it’s just a waste of bytes. Shit. No traffic info for me.

Yes, download capping is as bad assed as they say it is – and WTF, 3GB – what’s that? I sneeze at 3GB ;-)

Time to go have some lunch at the local coffee shop. Boss says there’s an important mail coming in. “I’ll just take my laptop with and connect over the coffee shop wireless LAN.” Arrive at coffee shop. “Wireless LAN? Do we make that? I’m sorry sir, would you like that with cream or foam?” Shit. No wireless LAN for me.

I did ask for a free wireless lan once at a Coffee Republic in London once, and the uber cool barista told me it was free, all I needed was a modem – no, really?! I’ve tried to get access at Starbucks before using a TMobile account, and even that was hard to connect with…. so I guess that even though we have it, perhaps it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?

So what does digital lifestyle mean to me? Having the same set of services (at reasonable cost) that I read about every day online, the stuff that many technically literate Americans and Europeans have come to take for granted in their everyday lives.

I guess that’s what scares me about living in Africa today – all the stuff that I take for granted here in Londres just isn’t realistic in South Africa, as much as the positive people in SA will tell you different. I mean, how is a person who starts getting withdrawal symptoms when he hasn’t checked his mail for a few hours or can’t download anything and everything going to survive?

Answer: make getting the best of both worlds a priority


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