Second Chance Tuesday

by oneafrikan on February 9, 2006

_ second chance tuesday: let’s party like it’s 1999!

The bubble burst in March 2000 and with it went the hopes, dreams and overly optimistic business models of the first generation of internet entrepreneurs.

The investors turned off the money taps, the talent flooding the industry returned to their traditional jobs, and even the wild parties came to an end.

Six years on, things have changed dramatically:

Went to the Second Chance Tuesday event on (surprisingly) Tuesday night with John, Ed, Peter and Anuj without any real expectations, except to have a good time and catch up with good friends.

Thought the event was pretty good and will definitely go again in the future, four comments below:

  1. The drinks were waaaay to expensive and the bar was too small for the number of people there – £20 for two JD and cokes and two beers and a 20 minute wait – the tradeoff for the nice venue didn’t sem worth it, and since when are budding entrepreneurs known for being flush with cash?. But hey, it was worth it just to be there.
  2. There seemed to be a good mix of people from different backgrounds and with different skills – was super cool meeting a whole new bunch of people doing different things.
  3. I didn’t bump into many (new) people doing an web apps (which was one of the reasons I went), which I found interesting – most of the people there seemed to be focussed around advertising / media / fashion (the good old UK staples).
  4. I’m wondering what any/all of the investors are thinking after an event like this? Cautious scepticism or curious optimism? – hopefully the proof will be in the pudding.
  5. Thanks to Michael and Judith for organising!

    Press from the event (at; on the site


Well, I’m a cynic, but walking out I realised that I should have known better. A private members club in Mediatown was bound to be a little wanky.

Also looking back to First Tuesday the first time around… well… did anyone see any red stickers (to demark people with money) going around?

It’s a place where people with ideas and no money go to look for people with mentoring skills and lots of money, largely to realised that money’s hard to come by, and wonder what they’re doing pitching to people who mostly don’t care.

Whilst it’s interesting to chat to people, and stare at striking girls in red jumpers, it’s unlikely to be productive. Still you have to go to find out.

I expect my opinion would be different if
1) I’d spoken with said striking girl in red jumper
2) Some pocket-sized mediette hadn’t started her pitch by putting out her cigarette on the parque floor, then tried to convince me that subversive advertising was good.

1. Two ears, one mouth. If someone mentions some contrary ideas, listen first, then refute if you can. You missed an opportunity to listen to Gareth explain to you why blogs would help you develop your business.

2. Take all that money spent on advertising, and spent it on making your product better or cheaper, or paying your employees more so that you build a reputation as a company. Fact is, I’m only going to buy your shit if it’s good shit, not because you associate it with cool or funny things. I’m the only cool and funny thing you should be trying to associate it with. If I like it, I’ll tell people about it (, inov8 shoes,, the books of Orson Scott Card) and friends who trust my opinion will look favourably upon your product. Shit, I might even buy them one as a present if it’s that good.

As evidence for this point: “organic produce”
It’s purchased because it’s good and people want it, not because it comes with some plastic free toy that will spent 2 mins depressing a 7 year old who in that moment realises the adults are fucking up the planet, before spending 10,000 years in a landfill.

As evidence against this, however: “peacocks”
Perfectly acceptable birds fluff themselves up with inconvenient make-up and high heels to make themselves more attatractive, and it works, dammit.

I leave you with some Bill Hicks:

by Ed on February 9, 2006 at 11:12 pm. Reply #

Damned thing striped my tags!

It should have been:

1. Two ears, one…


by Ed on February 9, 2006 at 11:15 pm. Reply #

hmm… I should check my rants for coherence. They’re much better when they read well. Which the above doesn’t.

I’m totally inadequate.

Man! If ONLY I was wearing some Puma’s right now I’d feel good about myself.

by Ed on February 9, 2006 at 11:17 pm. Reply #

Hehe, nice one Ed – you do make two good points though:
1. blogs will save the planet
2. peacocks in red jumpers are hard to miss
3. cool shit will always be in demand

Sorry, that’s 3 – did I advertise it as three?


by Gareth Knight on February 9, 2006 at 11:51 pm. Reply #

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