Death to User-Generated Content

by oneafrikan on April 6, 2006

_ Powazek: Just a Thought: Death to User-Generated Content

Authentic media comes to you unfiltered by the global brands and conglomerates that have taken over the mainstream media. Authentic media is the raw, first-person narrative you can find on blogs and homepages. Authentic media is what happens when the mediators get out of the way and give the mic over to the people who actually have something to say.

Good piece, makes you wonder when the boys in BigCorp Inc. are going to realise that the more they try to steer “user generated content” in a particular corporate direction, or monetize in the first instance before actually creating a place for “authentic” interaction, the more it will be stale, uninteresting and heartless….

Blogs, Wiki’s, podcasting, social software type interactive thingies -> they all take away control and that is a good thing.

Hat tip to John.

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