Darn, your socks

by oneafrikan on April 7, 2006

Gotta say I’m loving the getting back into coding I’ve been able to do lately, mainly thanks to the clients I’m working for.

They say growth is like a box of chocolates…
The last two years leading up to end Sept ’05 were mainly analysis, pre-sales and business development for Open Box Software, so I didn’t get to do much coding at all, apart from some personal stuff I was interested in around tracking and logging user activity, blogging with WordPress (templates and hacks), working with MediaWiki and then doing stuff for friends and family.

Winter blues…
The last three months of last year I spent at Firedog Design helping them with digital stuff, most of which is not yet live (frustratingly!), where it was a mish mash of coding, IA, consulting, pre-sales, business dev and then back office business / operations type stuff; so I did get to do some code, but not as much as now.

New horizons…
Since roughly the beginning of this year, I’ve worked on:

  • Best of the Best (not yet live)
  • A consulting gig for a publishing firm looking to get a good content management platform sorted to facilitate publishing more sites later this year, quickly and easily – ended up recommending Joomla as the CMS, and their first site went live last week
  • Global satellite provider intranet
  • A website for a re-development project in Croydon, done for a large corporate developer
  • Original Travel (just a few bits and bobs here and there to help out)
  • A website for a group of “expert witness surveyors”
  • Also done a review for Vitamin
  • Also finished up writing for issue 150 of .Net magazine

* In all instances of web dev I’ve been working with designers, taking their designs and doing the markup / css to create either the site templates, or the site itself.

And amongst all of that, my laptop has been playing up (USB ports).

Coming up I’ve got two CMS projects, another design to templates gig, and more consulting, so it’s going to be a busy few months, amongst writing for .Net magazine, and starting blogging for e-Consultancy (and I need to upgrade this blog to the latest shiny version of WP)…. and my Mom is here from ZA too ;-)

Better tools…
Anyways, long story short is that I’m really starting to see the merit and benefit of the PHP CSS framework I’ve been talking about and now that I’ve started to use it on production projects it’s been fleshed out, and had loads of stuff added to it… so it’s a real tool now. The latest challenge has been to create a search engine friendly, dynamic site, without a database, using the PHP CSS framework, and it’s been super cool. I’ve literally been able to put together a 45 page site in a few days without much hassle, using a lot of php to build the markup, and css for the rest.

And the punchline is….
So, the DARN part, is that I’ve yet to put my SxSW photo’s up on Flikr, but now that it’s almost the weekend and I’m almost done a client project, I’m hoping to get it done and then send a mail to everyone I met there to tell them about it. I’ve also got a stack of emails to get through, so will try get to them as well.

For now, watch your socks ;-)

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