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by oneafrikan on April 14, 2006

Right, so I have about 600 photo’s from SxSW that I want to put up somewhere so that everyone can see them, but I’m not 100% sure that Flickr is the right place for them.

Sure, it has all the social stuff we’re all abuzz about, but does it justify the cost and will it work for me (assuming I pay the fee for the pro version which I don’t really mind doing) when I need to consider that I have about 600 MB (since 2000) of other photo’s that I want to put up in other groups?

My normal response would be yes, it’s better than any other open source apps out there right now (most are just plain bloated or overkill – I want clean, simple and easy to use), but Zen Photo is a very, very, very compelling option, and IMHO probably better than Flickr for me (at least near as I can see it).

Most of the photo’s I take are nature, architecture, landscapes, interesting things, shapes and things that I want to remember, so why put them on Flickr?

Anyone got any ideas / input / experiences they can share?  I’m going to Bath this weekend, and when I get back I want to put them all up somewhere!


Hey G

I’d never heard of Zenphoto before, and I agree it looks and sounds very compelling. They’re definately on the right track.

I switched to Flickr from using the 4images gallery installed on digicam.coza because I needed a solution that would be easy to manage while travelling, and I loved the novelty of what they were doing back then. I’ve stuck with Flickr because of the social aspects (and because they extended my Pro account by a year).

I’ve been meaning to update digicam.coza (4images has been inactive for as long as I’ve had my Flickr account) and have considered using Oberkampf to do that, which means I don’t pay for hosting my photos, so I get the best of both worlds – having my photos on Flickr where all my friends and contacts are more readily exposed to them, and on my own site which I’m free to customize.

The biggest consideration for me is the ease with which new images are uploaded/resized/tagged/sorted/etc., and nothing I’ve tried before even comes close to Flickr. Maybe Zenphoto, I dunno.

p.s. Flickr is the place for anything and everything, depending who you ask. I guarantee your nature/architecture/landscape photos would fit right in. ;)

by coda on April 14, 2006 at 3:15 pm. Reply #

I’d chime in on Flickr’s side as well. The main thing I’d say is to try it and then make a decision. For a long time I didn’t GET Flickr and thought it was a tad silly that so many of my friends seemed to be spending ALL their dissertation-avoidance time on the site. Then I started using it and suddenly it all made sense.

The social aspects of Flickr are really the key thing for me — that and the fact that it’s on someone else’s hosting, but the API makes it possible for me to get copies of all my photos again if I want them (FlickrBackup). I’m also sure a lot more people will look at your SXSW photos if you post them up on Flickr ;-)

by Meri on April 18, 2006 at 1:10 pm. Reply #

Thanks guys, think you’ve pushed me over the edge! – I’m trying to put together a meaningful response so stay tuned ;-)

by Gareth Knight on April 18, 2006 at 2:38 pm. Reply #

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