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by oneafrikan on April 19, 2006

I’ve always been a reader of A List Apart. Over the years it’s become a central place on the net for digital / web people wanting to learn more. Zeldmans inimitable character has made sure the content has stayed good and clean and top notch. At the same time, ALA (and this is by no means a sweeping generalization, just something I’ve found personally) has also mostly been about frontend stuff, with me being a bit more interested in backend stuff (generally, although I earn my crust now doing frontend coding – how the world changes!).
That said, the web for me is becoming more of a business opportunity than a place to hone new skills, so naturally I’m searching out information / knowledge and reference material as much as I can to better equip myself for this next stage in my life, but it’s kinda hard to find the good stuff (which is why I’m buying more books than I ever have now), and to find the good stuff you have to become a good hunter- gatherer.

Anyways, the point of this little diatribe is that I think Vitamin has the potential to fill that void, where business meets technology, and where hard core backend technologists get to share their knowledge… Added to which, they’re hooked up with RSS which means I can get all the goodness right in the comfort of my gloriously overflowing Inbox.

If you haven’t already, then check it out and stay tuned.

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