Secrets to a great BBQ

by oneafrikan on May 16, 2006

Last week my brother Morgan had a braai (or commonly known as a BBQ to the less informed ;-) for his mates at our place, to welcome in the summer, and we all had a great time.
_ Here’s the Flickr photoset (yes, I’ve discovered why Flickr is going to change the world).

This week Friday I’m organising and holding a SW Web 2.0 drinks / BBQ at our place as well, to welcome in the summer and to actually meet socially so many of the people I meet/email/call – we are human after all, aren’t we?
_ Here’s the post.
_ Here’s the original blog post.

So, the following are secrets to a great braai / BBQ:

  1. Bring meat – you are a carnivore aren’t you?
  2. Bring whatever you want to drink – you can’t expect your host to finance your drinking problem can you? ;-)
  3. Bring your better half – that way you have a safe helper home if things get pear shaped. If not, you can talk about the great meat you sampled the night before, the morning after
  4. Bring some snacks – good meat takes time to cook well, and we don’t want to rush it do we? To fend off the nibbles, bring snacks – my personal favs are pringles with a dip or two
  5. Arrive timeously enough to actually get your meat, and hopefully talk to a few people – that’s the purpose! ;-)

So without further ado, here are some photo’s to help whet your appetite:
First, you need a cooking utensil:
The cooking utensil
Then you need some fuel:
Real BBQ's need real fuel
Then you need to smell it!:
You should be smelling that fram far away...
Then you get meat:
Then, if you fancy, you get to sit around the fire/embers and shoot the shit like we used to in the old days:
Sitting around the embers is awesome this time of year

_ There’s a Flickr photoset of more of these as well…

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Hey man, u need a real braai place, not a Weber! ;-)
The taste of firewood and not charcoal on meat is somewhat tastier. hehe!

by JBagley on May 17, 2006 at 11:52 am. Reply #

Dude, you’re so right!! I can still smell the awesome braai’s we used to have in the bush next to Kruger Park, with the lions roaring not 10km’s away!

… But here in the sunny UK we’re not allowed open fire places in most abodes (I think we have a clause in our letting contract that says we’re not allowed to) and even if you can, it’s damn hard to find any wood good enough to burn! At least nothing as good as good ‘ol ysterhoud ;-)

So, we make do – still better than putting meat into an oven to grill!

by Gareth Knight on May 17, 2006 at 12:06 pm. Reply #

I agree with rule 2; 3 is optional; I is always hoping; i’ll find a better half of ‘braai meet’ there,, ahahahahahhaa, reminds me of ‘spread the love’ valentines campaign,,,

honestly in all the braai’s i’ve been too, i’ve never done 1; always 2 and hoping for three; i don’t think i will change;;; but alas braai’s are always good;

is braai a well known term?,,, let me check with technorati,,,

another thing, dude did you get my mail about ‘osiris’? …

by lebogang nkoane on May 17, 2006 at 2:02 pm. Reply #

Hey dude

Yea, meeting better halves is half the fun! ;-) Especially at those big ass braai’s when there are loads of people, a pool, good tunes, and of course good food ;-)

I’ve found that here in the UK, unless you get good meat, the result is not really good enough – need to find good rump steaks to make it worth it, and if you can find wors, you’re even luckier!

Braai isn’t really, no – BBQ better known here.

Osiris – yeup, mailed ya!

laters ;-)

by Gareth Knight on May 18, 2006 at 1:27 pm. Reply #

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