Geek BBQ in South West London – open invite


If you’re reading your news reader before you log off for the night, then it would be awesome to see you at a little BBQ I’m hosting in South-West London for those people interested in Web 2.0 – it’s an open invite affair, so bring anyone and everyone who wants to meet new and interesting people, and of course to enjoy the (not so) sunny weather and a nice home cooked BBQ.

Address is:
Come out of Wimbledon Park station, turn right…
(taken out the full address to keep my address private for now)

Right, I’m off to get some nibbles and such ;-)

2 thoughts on “Geek BBQ in South West London – open invite

  1. Sorry I was no able to be there. I was at a castle in Berkshire waiting for ‘God’ to play music with Procul Harem, Pink Floyd, Mike and the Mechanics and Georgie Fame.

    Please post a review of the night backed up with the lurid photos…..!

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