A flock of Seagulls

by oneafrikan on May 26, 2006

Has anyone had any experience working with the php framework Seagull before?

I’m busy looking at php frameworks for client work, and at the moment, CakePHP looks like the best contender. For all of Seagulls features, robustness and obvious genius, it does seem to me to be a little bloated, or overdone – in that I mean I’m not sure whether it’s a full blown CMS that you can configure, or whether it’s a set of tools that you point to a db and you’ve got a lot of stuff you need most of the time? On the other hand, the Zend Framework looks like it has promise, but I did get loads of errors when trying out the demo’s – so that’s not that encouraging right now – something to watch but not yet get your hands dirty with.

Anyways – things have been quiet around here as I’ve been trying to get my head above water with my workload, but I’m hoping to post some more of my experiences with any/all/some of the frameworks I play with…

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