The beginning of the end for MSFT?

by oneafrikan on June 7, 2006

I haven’t yet had the time to look through the evidence and posts yet, but since I’ve been to France, two things have happened that make me think that MSFT is about to start a very long battle to keep it’s dominance of the desktop office software market…

Google release Google mail for domains, and then they release Google Spreadsheets… They already have Word like functionality working in GMail so that has to be coming soon, they have Notebook (not seen that either yet), they’re offering an RSS reader, their Calendar is compelling… what else is already offered?

Anyways, much more on this soon, but you have to wonder in the meantime – does MSFT have this one covered? With their long desktop app release cycles, they’re really, really behind and can they play catch up / compete / differentiate enough?

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what is msft, exactly, microsoft?

anyway, I think I can tell you why msft won’t catch up, two words they hate the most; open software. if you think about it; google’s ‘final’ applications might be a secrete but what puts them together, is common open source code you can find from anybody and anywhere, so the development life-cycle is shorter; testing is quicker because you have people who can test your applications without paying for them, and waiting for updates,,,

plus, msft is toooo focused, on maximising profitability that ‘an opportunity to innovate’ costs them money just to ‘spend’ time thinking what to innovate on,,, do i make sense? (you know I am an insomiac right now),,, it is not profitable for msft to invest money into open systems/software; which means by the time they fix the ‘tabbing’ bug on ie7, they will have w3c-standards/podcast/rss/ajax problems and 1000 virus on longhorn(is this what its called)?

What msft does not realise is; err, game over; the only thing, i think, keeps msft afloat is that, they had a monopoly in past, so, they have control, but guess what i heard google is planning to ‘pre-install’ software onto ‘new computers’, isn’t this why microsft is in court? the devil in the detail,,, and we are soooooo depended on google, it’s gonna hurt,,,

ja, neh.

by lebogang nkoane on June 8, 2006 at 12:01 am. Reply #

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