Why I love field hockey

by oneafrikan on June 7, 2006

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to go on a field hockey tour to France, at Le Touqet, with a really cool bunch of 11 guys… This was my third tour to the same tournament, so it was really cool to hook up again with all the people that I’ve met and made friends with over the years – French, German, Dutch, Belgian, English… and we had an awesome time.

Now, I’ve been playing hockey since my dad first put his sawn off hockey stick into my hands (about 3 years old), and since then I’ve basically played every year apart from two seasons where my ankle was too bad to play on (had a car accident where I pretty much did the ligaments in the left ankle) and when I was working too hard, so I’ve been on loads of tours and met loads of people, and I still find that the people I meet on every tour I make friends with, and to a man we have a great time. It’s just as if there’s this common understanding amongst hockey players that it is both a social and competitive sport, and that the sport on the field is just as important off the field.

Anyways, the long and short of it, is that I saw a bit too much sun (got the ever blister to prove it), drank just a little too much, didn’t sleep enough, certainly didn’t eat enough and came away with stiff sore muscles (due to 6 weeks of sitting at a desk – I think my fingers are fitter than my legs), but I loved it – absolutely loved it and I’m definitely going back next year.

Here’s some dodgy photo’s to laugh at ;-)
Dodge in a dress (and yes, I did get to wear the dress!! ;-)
Dodge in Action (note the ball!)
Some of the boys watching another game
Fines meeting on the Saturday, for the freshers
Fines meeting with the Ze Germans
Full photo sets taken by pro photographers over the weekend
The Boys The Boys – Bafana Bafana

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