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by oneafrikan on June 16, 2006

Just written two more pieces for Lemon Foundation, around content management and Web 2.0…

Content Management doesn’t have to be hard…
Content Management is a perilous thing. Often it’s the last thing thought about when starting or indeed tackling an online project, but the first thing to create problems when it comes to developing content management systems, management thereof and of course the design process.

If I had a pound for every time a client asked me to write their content for them….
I’d be the richest man in Babylon! The fact remains that as web professionals, we do develop an appreciation and knowledge of client businesses, but we certainly do not develop the deep knowledge necessary to write compelling content. Most often, copywriters, although paid to write copy for other people, don’t know enough either – it’s better to write the broad strokes for them to take and polish up into something publishable on the web.
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Kool and the Web 2.0 gang
There’s a certain feel to Web 2.0 starting to do the rounds – under the surface, the whole web 2.0 show is about technology, mashups, user generated content, syndication etc, but that’s all techie stuff under the bonnet of these shiny new cars which seem to come from the same factory, or at least from the same bodyshop. And this time ‘round (no pun intended) it’s not so much of a “pimp my ride” feel, but more of a simple, understated eye candy exuding confidence, setting it apart from the usual suspects.
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