Web 2.0 and customer relationships

by oneafrikan on June 16, 2006

Posted my first blog entry for e-Consultancy earlier today, on Web 2.0 and customer relationships.

There seems to be this disconnect between what’s happening with Web 2.0 on the social / consumer front, and what business is doign with it – they key to moving forward (IMHO) is to start small and grow as your community / stakeholders push you – if you’re feedback loop is always open and you’re willing to listen, you should be fine – happy buying customers is better than unhappy buying customers right?

Here’s the intro for you:
Web 2.0 isn’t all about rounded corners and social software – there are real benefits to leveraging the Web 2.0 philosophy and technologies in business, but the key is selecting the right entry points to start conversations with your customers, and then to grow from there, using the community you’ve developed as your sounding board.

There are many ways to look at Web 2.0, and it strikes me that within the UK business sector there is either a reticence to get started, or people simply don’t know how and where to start. It seems that for the most part, the business community is dismissive of the change that is happening on the web as we speak, why I don’t really know.

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