Newsvine grows and updates

by oneafrikan on June 27, 2006

I’ve been watching Newsvine for a while now, more out of interest and curiosity to see how it would develop than anything else (I’m not a user as yet), so this was good to receive:

Everything’s Faster —
From loading the front page to writing an article, performance improvements over the last few months have resulted in a much faster Newsvine experience.

All-New User Columns —
Your column is now your home. Whether you write articles or not, you can now use your own personal page on Newsvine to recommend books, blogs, movies, or anything else you’d like. Your page is also now automatically updated every time you comment or vote around the site.

Connecting With Friends —
Invite friends into Newsvine or add existing members into your network and discover interesting stories together. Whenever a friend comments on an article, you’ll be able to jump right to it and join the discussion. Additionally, you can now leave comments directly on the column pages of your friends.

Top Of The Vine —
Top Of The Vine is a linear view into the most commented on and most voted on stories around the site. Available at or via the front page, this section provides a slightly different view into what’s popular at any given moment.

Chat Lobby —
The new chat lobby provides a look into all the active chats going on around Newsvine at any moment in time. Additionally, you can create your own chat room with one click and discuss any subject you’d like.

Interactive Baseball Scoreboards —
If you’re a baseball fan, you can check the big sites for your daily scoreboard fix, or you can visit the Newsvine MLB Scoreboard and chat or comment right within the box scores themselves. When we said everything on Newsvine was a conversation, we meant it. :)

Master Contributors Emerging —
We’re only a few months into Newsvine and already two members have eclipsed the 1000 seed mark. Congratulations to Claus Jacobsen ( ), Aine McDermot ( ), and the many others building up great collections of content on the ‘Vine.

Hope they keep on going from strength to strength ;-)

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