London jobs: Technical Director at web agency Lemon Foundation

by oneafrikan on September 26, 2006

If you’re a Technical Director, or know someone who is, then this may be interesting for you: Company: Lemon Foundation Job Title: Technical Director – Web Agency Description: Full job spec at: Lemon Foundation currently has a core team (…)

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White and Nerdy?

by oneafrikan on September 25, 2006

Check it out on YouTube – how many references do you relate to!? Hat tip to Zach

Mashing up with Newzbubble

by oneafrikan on September 21, 2006

Some innovative stuff, taking the tag cloud meme and extending it with flash – pretty sexy, and gives you a good visual cue as to what’s hot and what’s not… Funny that “president” is such a big bubble… From the (…)

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It could be worse…

by oneafrikan on September 20, 2006

Girl on cell: You have to just ask him. But you have to ask him to his face so you can see his reaction. Just look him in the eye and say, “Dad, are you on” and see if (…)

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Something small on the Entrepreneurial Spirit

by oneafrikan on September 20, 2006

Read it if you’re doing something other than working for the man… My take is that the community that you work in, that supports you, and the friends you have during your early years in startups, are the best (…)

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Web 2.0 needs to lose the social software thing, please

by oneafrikan on September 19, 2006

Another piece for e-Consultancy, on Web 2.0 and the overwhelming fascination with social software, has gotten some interesting debate going, so might be worth checking out if Web 2.0 is your bag. Here’s a snippet for you: Web 2.0 needs (…)

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What number did you choose? freaky sh!te

by oneafrikan on September 14, 2006

Do it: and tell me what number you chose… WTF?