London jobs: Technical Director at web agency Lemon Foundation


If you’re a Technical Director, or know someone who is, then this may be interesting for you:

Company: Lemon Foundation
Job Title: Technical Director – Web Agency
Description: Full job spec at:

Lemon Foundation currently has a core team of 5 developers and is looking for someone to take on the role of Technical Director and help steer & manage this team. This person will be both a hands-on multi-skilled back end and front end developer, as well as someone who can help support the business by managing this largely self-sufficient team, maintaining quality control, ensuring the company stays at the forefront of technology adoption, and helping support the sales team with proposals and specifications.

This person will have experience in both core business logic & database design and development, whilst appreciating creativity and having enthusiasm for front end technologies.

Currently the Managing Director fills the role of Technical Director, and this person should effectively help remove the requirement for the Managing Director to get involved in technical specifications and delivery of projects so that he can focus on business development, sales & strategic issues. The Technical Director must have commercial experience, understand the workings of a small company and be driven to support the commercial objectives.

If you’re a technical director, you should know what to do…

Mashing up with Newzbubble


Some innovative stuff, taking the tag cloud meme and extending it with flash – pretty sexy, and gives you a good visual cue as to what’s hot and what’s not… Funny that “president” is such a big bubble…

From the horses mouth:
Newzbubble gathers most of the major news feeds (depending on the edition you select) renders them as bubbles and allows you to see which stories are the most popular.

My only suggestion would be to make the words when you mouseover the bubbles, more prevalent so they’re more readable – something like the Google Maps box, or just something a bit bigger with a background that has enough contrast… but my 0.02ZAR ;-)

Something small on the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Read it if you’re doing something other than working for the man…

My take is that the community that you work in, that supports you, and the friends you have during your early years in startups, are the best defence against failure and a great tonic for keeping it real and staying on the ground… What do you think?

Web 2.0 needs to lose the social software thing, please


Another piece for e-Consultancy, on Web 2.0 and the overwhelming fascination with social software, has gotten some interesting debate going, so might be worth checking out if Web 2.0 is your bag.

Here’s a snippet for you:

Web 2.0 needs to lose the social software thing, please

Following up from the d.Construct post yesterday, I wanted to talk about the apparent obsession with social software at the moment, and to ask for comments on why you think it’s so. Seriously, there are so many other things that can be done!

What’s prompted this is Yet Another Client Call Asking for Web 2.0 and Tagging (that’s YACCAWT people!). Sure, the playing field is still new and there are opportunities to be had in social networking sites, but they’re limited now.

I wish people were calling me up to discuss how to add a mapping mashup to their product data so that they can do x,y,z… or whatever, but you get my meaning.

At the conference, there were a plethora of neat examples that illustrated stuff that is really interesting (and I start to see how they can be applied to my technology problems), but by and large they all had some sort of social app connotation.

Interesting, but also boring from a business perspective.

So in general, there seems to be a lack of the application of the newer technologies to real world business problems, where that implementation would represent a quantum leap in user interface, usability and ultimately user experience and functionality.

Every time Web 2.0 is brought up, in the same breath we hear Bebo, MySpace, Flickr,, etc etc etc – I’m not knocking these apps because they’re great and I use them all (apart from MySpace and Bebo). But it forces me to ask why we’re so obsessed with creating the next social app, instead of applying these really cool and useful new technologies to other problems and business opportunities.

You can read the rest here… view the comments here, which I’m going to reply to asap… and, another piece by Arthur Cole which references it, also worth reading…