Back in the saddle, thoughts on work

by oneafrikan on September 5, 2006

So here we are – blogging and writing seems so far away from activities of the last few weeks, but I reckon now’s as good a time as any to get back into it.

The holiday itself was simply awesome – I can’t tell you how beautiful Greece and Turkey are, and how amazing the places were that we stayed at – will just have to upload the photo’s as soon as they’re ready to go onto Flickr. I think that my amazement was compounded because before the holiday I chose not to get too involved in where we were going – I simply paid my money and went with the flow – so enjoyed it even more.

We started off by arriving at Athens to catch a ferry to Mykonos. My first experience of Greece was the Taxi driver trying to con me by saying that I had given him a 5Euro note when I had in fact given him a 20Euro note – anyways, I didn’t buy it, but did manage to get cursed at in Greek, and find myself short 17Euro for apparently what should have been a 3Euro fare…

Mykonos is a little paradise – definitely going to go there again – where I really enjoyed the beach and doing some snorkelling. The people were friendly, the food great, and the beaches cool too. The water was clear with at least 40ft visibility, and warm enough not to feel cold at all.

From Mykonos we took another ferry to Santorini where we stayed in a great little place at the Caldera (the part looking onto the active volcano) – although not as much to do (apart from really touristy stuff that is) it’s just as beautiful and more romantic.

From Santorini it was a short flight in a very, very small turboprop to Rhodes, Greece, for a night on the strip before taking a ferry to Fethiya in Turkey, where we boarded a motorised yacht for 4 days and 3 nights around the Turkish coast to Olympos. In Fethiye we did the Turkish shave (I had grown two weeks of grizzle for it, on my brothers recommendation), Turkish bath and Turkish food, so it was all good.

The yacht trip was even better although you don’t get to sleep too much on account of the rocking, bad vodka and early sunrises, but it was great fun (My only wish would have been that the Captain spoke better English so we could converse with him more) – on leaving Fethiye, we were joined by a gaggle of gorgeous Aussie girls and an Aussie dude – so it was pretty much Saffa’s and Aussies, and great fun all ’round. Defo recommended if you’re looking for something to do that is easy and forces you to relax.

After that it was a chilled night in a cabin at Bayrams beach camp, not before a Turkish massage (pretty good too!), and then a 5:30am start to get to Istanbul in time for the flight home.

All in all it was a great trip, which kinda opened my eyes more to the backpacking attitude to holidaying / travelling. I definitely needed the break, and after loads of sea, sand and sun, 3 novels, great food and great company, I’m feeling a lot better than when I left (now that I’ve gotten over the Delhi belly that is!) ;-)


So, I’m back in the saddle after what seems like an age being out of it.

Getting back from holiday, I left Istanbul with a sniffle and arrived at Heathrow with a cough and a sneeze (funny what the aircraft aircon does to your respiratory system), then went on to 5 days of dizziness, blocked nose, rumbleguts and Delhi Belly – not fun! The flip side is that I caught up on some sleep and did good by getting back into the “bed by 10, 8 hours of sleep” routine.

Today, I feel much better, more alert and definitely more up for work – Now all i have to do is keep at it ;-) I was always hoping for that work/life balance nirvana, but I’ve come to the realisation (and to terms with it) that there isn’t such a thing for someone starting a business – all I can do is work hard and play hard, making sure that I get the right amount of sleep to stay sane, and make sure that I do things that will make me happy today and now.

As far as work goes, I’ve resolved to make a few work changes which I hope will add to quality of life and a work/life balance, and will be speaking a little more about that here in due course. At the end of the day, there will always be more work to do, more emails to answer, more ideas to follow up on, more meetings to have, more people to speak to, more to write about, and ultimately more to do – I think the trick is acceptng that you can’t do it all today, and that by doing the most important 20%, you should move towards your goals even if slowly.

So, here we are, hope you’re well wherever you are – more soon ;-)

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