The monetisation (revenue model) of user generated content?


Just posted something over at my (newly setup) business blog, about user generated content:
The monetisation (revenue model) of user generated content?

Would love to hear your thoughts or opinions – we’ve really been racking our brains, and when you look at things pragmatically you think to yourself, “What the hell am I thinking – stop dreaming!” – yet, other people are doing it and making it work, so you kinda get on your horse and say “well if they can do it then I shure as hell can do it” – know what I mean?

So I guess it’s an exercise in discovering what your users need, and what they would pay for, so that you can make your service sustainable, and they still get value.

Would really appreciate any comments / thoughts ;-)

Feed habit, recovered from I have


In the words of Yoda…

I confess, I used to be a feedaholic. No, I didn’t sit and read feeds all day, neglecting client work – my feed inbox just grew to gigantic uncomfortable proportions… But that’s all gone.

I’m recovered now, and vow never again to go over that magical 250 feed mark, where all hell breaks loose, sanity flies away, and it feels like the noise from everyone speaking inside your head just won’t go away…

So, I’ve pruned my feeds down to something manageable – most people have very little of importance to say on a daily basis anyways – and I’ve actually cleaned up my feeds folder so it’s at empty, waiting for the sync tomorrow morning.

So now I’m ready to do battle with the noise again, and even keener to pick up some more blogging, now that I’m getting back into my workflow and my zone, and have come to terms with the fact that I’m never going to lead a normal life, at least not for the next 3 to 5 years anyways…

Most over-hyped topic in online marketing?


Check out the

From the horses mouth:

Personally, I’m yet to be convinced that podcasting is going to change the world.

But, hey, I’ll probably live to regret that judgement in a few months’ time.

What do you think is the most over-hyped topic in online marketing? Conversely, what do you think is the most important issue in online marketing at the moment?

We have just set live the “E-lucidator” which hopefully you’ll find fun to have a play with.

It’s a small experiment with attitudinal profiling (and you thought behavioural targeting was the next big thing?).

But on a lighter note the E-lucidator will tell you how like me you are in your views on Web 2.0 and online marketing (thankfully, I’m apparently 99.7% like myself on a re-run…).

But not just me. See who you are most like from our panel of 20 e-marketing gurus from around the world.

And find out an interesting fact or two about each of our gurus. Did you know, for example, that Jim Sterne collects antique meerschaum pipes? I even admit to writing stand-up comedy (for Russ Abbott) in a previous incarnation…

We all need hugs – Blogosphere HugMeDay starts now!


Once in a while, we all need hugs – from mom, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, friends, people we haven’t seen for ages. I think that as humans we have hugs hard wired into our genes – I mean we’ve been doing it for millenia, haven’t we?

So, Andrew pointed me to this little video clip, and I thought I’d try get people to put it on their blogs, to share the hugs so to speak ;-)
Here’s the link on YouTube:

And here’s the video:

Post the code on your blogs people, share the hugs!!!