Having problems with Yahoo POP email?

by oneafrikan on December 1, 2006

I’ve been battling with Yahoo POP email for a while now, where it gives me a message saying that something isn’t authenticated, so I go and make the changes they recommend in my account to authenticate my backup email address, but it’s still the same. This is like the 5th thing in the last year that has cropped up, so it’s getting kinda tiring.

Has anyone been experiencing the same thing? Any fixes?

So I take the email account off Outlook for a week or so to see if the problem will go away, and it doesn’t. Which is a bummer.
So now to save myself the hassle in my Inbox, Yahoo forwards to GMail, and Gmail comes into Outlook… and Yahoo, despite their really sweet webmail interface, loses my support… ;-(

None of this is really interesting, except that I imagine that Yahoo has a core business of being a portal, and offering email to people – everything else is driven from those eyeballs. So, if they’re going to make it hard for people to use a core service of theirs, then pretty soon they’re going to start losing people to other providers… unless of course I’m the only one on the interweb with this issue…

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I seem to be having problems with Yahoo mail as well. it seems like every 3rd or 4th click on a button/link on their web interface, either to open a different message, or delete/move one, it says “Sorry for the inconvenience” and tells me they are having “temporary” problems. It seems that if it were a temporary problem, it would have been resolved within a “temporary” time-frame, not weeks on end of the same issue. it’s really starting to bug me.
I know it isn’t my internet connection, because nothing else gives me any problems. I routinely use Gmail, and an email service based on Exchange’s Outlook WebAccess, and they work perfectly fine. It seems like Yahoo is breaking down. Is anyone else having this issue?

by Warren Garabrandt on February 15, 2007 at 8:52 am. Reply #

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