Backpack vs Tada lists?

by oneafrikan on December 4, 2006

OK, so we’re using Basecamp extensively now, so much so that it’s safe to say we’re reliant on it. But it is definitely worth the cash outlay every month.

So that got me thinking that there must be other 37Signals stuff that I can use, since I’m trying my damndest to get off of desktop apps like Outlook (Outlook is still the best PIM client out there, so don’t even try tell me to switch to something else yet – Yay Microsoft!) purely ‘cos I want my “stuff” wherever I am, which means the best place to put it is on the web.

So my day in Outlook basically becomes:
1. check/use the Calendar
2. check/use Tasks (I’ve rationalised these radically lately, so now only keep the most relevant and important stuff I need to do in there)
3. check/use Email
4. store random bits of info I know I want access to in Notes

So now I’m trying to find a place that I can store everything that needs to be somewhere to get it off my RAM, on the web, and easy to use. Enter Backpack and Tada lists

Except that I can’t figure out which one to use – since they’re both essentially going to be used for lists and a bit of body copy….
Yes, don’t look at your screen with that “stupid git” look on your face ;-) I get it that Backpack is Tada lists big brother, so I guess my question is really: “What do you use both of them at the same time for?”. The free version of Backpack has some limitations, so I could use both as a “web tag team” but that’s kinda geeky and I wouldn’t want to brag about that at the next Baywatch convention…

If you do use both at the same time, or you have any ideas as to why one might, please spill the beans.
If you think I’m mad and that I should just use Backpack and cough up for the 5 dolla fee, tell me ;-)

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Pay the man his 5 dollars

by Choc on March 28, 2007 at 10:36 am. Reply #

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