More good news, Future of Web Apps roundup, web 2.0 community office space

by oneafrikan on February 22, 2007

It’s been an interesting few weeks recently, and the last few days at the Future of Web Apps conference here in London have been pretty encouraging and although the time off work hasn’t ben cool, it’s been worth taking the time.

So on that note, I’ve got some great news regards the conference we’re trying to put together for Africans, in South Africa, later on this year. I’ve also got my own take on the Future of Web Apps conference coming soon – I’m sure loads of peeps are already debating it, but there are some folks who couldn’t make it that have asked me to post something for them, so I’m gonna asap.

Additionally, I made a sneaky announcement at the conference today – we’re going to be offering desk space at our office in Putney to the Web 2.0 community. My aim is to build a work environment where creative and brilliant people can thrive off each other (don’t get me wrong, I work hard and am not looking to find people to goof around with, but I do love being around people who I can relate to – so I figure there must be other people like that too). So far so good – we’ve had about 10 requests for desk space so far.

Related to the above community type stuff, and now that it’s getting a bit warmer in Londres, it’s time to get the Geek BBQ’s going again. Stay tuned on that ;-)

Cool – it’s late, and I need to get some shuteye.

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