Getting things done and keeping peace of mind in a growing business

by oneafrikan on April 11, 2007

So today I was in meetings most of the day, but apart from some interesting project meetings, a discussion about the naked CEO came up, and I got inspired. So I’ve written up two blog posts and decided to alter my perspectives on blogging as a person, a business founder, a businessman, a project and account manager and a coder. The last two years have been an interesting ride so far, so I’m going to talk about the past probably here as that makes sense and it’s generally retrospective stuff that I’m interested in as lessons for the future. Today and tomorrow I’ll talk about on the Technovated blog/site, with a mind to talking about daily perpectives that are either interesting or useful to others.

For now, my absolute frustration is with the whole GTD concept in general – no matter how much I try, how many emails I answer, how many calls I make, how late I stay up to work, nothing seems to bring me closer to Nirvana.

I should be in bed getting my beauty sleep, should have blogged earlier! We’re (brother and I) almost moved out of our house in Wimbledon Park now, so in a weeks time I’ll either be dossing on someone’s couch, or in a new house. Sitting on the floor with a hot laptop warming your bollocks is not ideal!

My only solace is that through the application of the 80/20 principle and an almost religious fervour towards making sure I keep a record of what I have to do, I’m able to make sure that the most importat stuff at any one time is being dealt with. I WANT everything to be done so that on a Sunday or an evening like this evening, I can think about other stuff without that nagging little devil called work on my left shoulder.

Sometimes I think GTD is a great idea in principle, but in a growing business with different systems for different people, it’s almost unattainable. So, I keep my lists, I keep focussing on the important things, and I keep my reminding myself that nothing will ever be totally finished. There will always be emails in my Inbox, and always more project actions to do – so I guess the best I can advise myself to do it to just deal with that and get used to it, ‘cos it aint gonna change! (unless I get Doris, but that’s another story).

So, what do you do to keep peace? How are you managing the growth of your business? What’s your secret?

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