Moving house, closing deals, finishing projects…

by oneafrikan on April 18, 2007

Been pretty busy the last few weeks, so apart from some posts that needed to get out, I’ve not been able to blog as much as I’d set my mind to, mainly ‘cos of the stuff happening in the title of this post.

I’m moving house tomorrow morning, and giving a landlord a shed load of cash, so tomorrow will be a sweaty, painful day. I’m moving into Wimbledon with my brother, so really looking forward to it!

I’m also working on closing a really big deal for Technovated, which we’re all super excited about, so until that’s done no more on that – as they say in the pictures, it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings. When the cash is in the bank, and the ink on the agreement is dry, I’ll spill the beans. I’m sure you’ll like it… ;-)

We’re also finishing up three projects, so been really busy doing that. The last 4 weeks have been a blur, but with Andrew back and those 3 projects almost done, things look to be clearing a little.

Cool – more soon, and hopefully some updates on Technology for Africa too! ;-)


Whey hey … another Saffa coming to Wimbledon. I’ve just moved there myself. Welcome home!
Rather move in this lovely sunshine we are enjoying at the moment than the rain, I say.
Good luck with it.

by Dave on April 18, 2007 at 1:14 pm. Reply #

Hey Dave

Yea man, been living in the area for 5 years now, ‘cept this time I’m closer to Morrisons!!
Loving the sunshine – looks like it’s gonna be a scorcher this summer ;-)

Thanks ;-)

by Gareth Knight on April 18, 2007 at 5:16 pm. Reply #

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