Naked CEO series: Taking stock of where you are

by oneafrikan on May 9, 2007

A long time ago, a older man gave a younger man an axe, and told him to go and tend to his own forest to make sure he had enough wood for his fires in the winter.

So the younger man went to the forest and began cutting the trees in the right place, to make sure they grew back again. Sure enough, other woodcutters were attracted to the sound of the younger man chopping wood, so they joined him in the chopping of trees.

After a time, the woodcutters were so busy cutting trees, that they forgot to count how many logs they had cut, or to check where they were. When they counted, they found they had plenty, and when the looked to see where they were, they found they were deep inside the forest, far away from any other woodcutters.


Just had an IM conversation with a client, who has reminded me that taking stock is very important. I’ve realised that we’re so focussed on the present and the future, that we’ve not looked back at our successes and acknowledged them for what they are.

I’m not going to go into detail here, ‘cos now is not the time and the place, and I need to go to sleep, but suffice it to say, we’ve grown incredibly fast, and actually taking stock of it all in the last hour, I’ve realised that for all of the speed wobbles and growing pains were going through, they far, far, far outweigh the alternatives.

And for that my friends, I am glad.

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