Naked CTO series: Starting to get my head above water

by oneafrikan on July 11, 2007

The last few weeks have been amazing ride of ordered chaos. Coming back from leave I’ve had to catch up with everything, as well as stay afloat with what’s already going on. Working with an excellent team has meant that the ball has kept rolling, and letting go of that feeling of losing control as you grow, has been instrumental in better sleep and a more productive focus on the 20% that really counts.

I’ve also made a point of going to sleep the last two nights at about 10pm, which has made a massive difference to the way I feel and function. Tonight I’ll try again, and hopefully get into a nice rythmn ;-) Tell you what, sleep does matter, and it’s more important than blogging! ;-)

Since we’ve signed the official docs making our venture deal signed, sealed and pragmatically delivered, we’ve spun into a frenzy of activity, primarily brought on by the arrival of 5 new people into the team (which leaves us pretty much at 14 people, with another 2 or three part timers…) and a whole lot of cultural diversity.

There will be a formal blog post soon about the venture deal, and kinda sorta maybe what we’re doing and where we’re headed, but for now I’m going to find happiness in having whacked a boatload of email and stuff that either needed deleting, actions, or reminding, and that for the first time in two weeks I can go home knowing I’m pretty much above water, up to speed, and ready for anything.

The corollary to that of course, is that I have an Action list managed by Doris, that is a mile long… Oh well ;-)

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