Some positive feedback so far from the Kindo Family….

by oneafrikan on September 13, 2007

One of the problems of doing something as complex as Kindo is that you get so caught up in the bugs, issues and things you want to do but can’t for whatever reason, so you forget what’s going right and what works well….

So, as a reminder to myself more than anything (cathartic blogs are great), I’m posting some good feedback that has come in so far, and also asking if anyone has any other good feedback for us?

So here we go:
” – it looks just great. The design works beautifully”

“It’s a pretty cool website. I started in the alpha release on my tree, and put in as many as I could think of. I only invited two people – my fiance and my mom. One day after I invited my mom (in the beta), I logged back in, and she had filled out a HUGE portion of my family tree that I had no idea about! It was pretty neat to see all the links – I would love to see it grow further & further, and see who I’m related to that I don’t know about. My mom also corrected a few things that I’d got wrong in the distant family that lives in the States – shows how little I know! I imagine it would be really cool when two huge “trees” get linked up through a common point, by email address, I imagine. All of a sudden your tree can double in size!!

Functionality-wise – it’s pretty easy to use too. I wish it could be a bit faster, but that’s more an issue of being in SA. I’m sure the UI could be tweaked to be a bit cooler – and I’m sure that will come in later releases.

“looks v cool mate; pretty addictive usability”


it looks beautiful – love the design.
ageless/genderless and cute as well…

the afrikaans sounds ok, one or two spelling mistakes and I am not used to using Afrikaans on the web so would possibly rather use the site in english…
seems to be easy to use…

really nice!”

And that’s it for now ;-)

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