The woman who gave birth to 69 children


From the Kindo blog:

pregnancy.gifMrs Vassilet (1816-1872) holds that record and she deserves it! This Russian lady was the first wife of Fyodor Vassilet, a farmer from Shuya, and went through no less than 27 pregnancies! But the most impressive fact is that she had twins 16 times, triplets 7 times and 4 times quadruplets, which brings us to a total of … 69 children!
And, what is even more impressive, the majority of them lived up to their adult age, which wasn’t that common in those tiemes.
Mrs Vassilet’s fecundity made her so famous that she even met tsar Alexander II.
So it looks like Mrs Duggar, with her 17 children, has a long way to go…

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4 thoughts on “The woman who gave birth to 69 children

  1. james Bond

    I am in awe that she got so many kids raised. I mean they could only breast feed back then and that was supposed to be a natural birth control. especialy if she was nursing 2 or more at one time.

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