Build a fancy looking family tree with Kindo, from Webware


Some linkage and a good review from Webware ;-)

_ Build a fancy looking family tree with Kindo | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

Besides the very basic and simple implementation of the tree creation, there’s also an integrated social network for families who want to dig a little deeper. Each family member gets their own profile, which shows off any included personal information, along with a list of updates they or others have made on the service. There’s also a status update option a la Facebook and Twitter that lets you announce what you’re doing to your family members. More helpful, however, is the birthday and anniversary reminder tool, which will automatically let you know when there’s a family birthday coming up. While both these things can be had elsewhere, it’s a nice touch.

Thanks guys!!

New features & improvements to kindo


We’ve been hard at work since we went live with Kindo, and yesterday did another major release which we’re really proud of…

Check it out, you should start to see the first signs of our social direction, which sets us apart from being “yet another genealogy application”… 11 Languages helps too… ;-)

_ Kindo – Some new features & improvements to kindo

The kindo team is very proud to announce that we have released a number of new features which we hope will improve our users’ experience.

Firstly, we have added 3 new languages, namely Russian, Turkish & Brazilian Portuguese, which now brings the tally to 11.

Our family

Secondly, we have added a brand new page called “Our family”, where you can view the latest updates from all of your active family members. It also has a section with family statistics, so you will be able to see some interesting facts about your tree – the more data the better, so start updating those profiles ;-)

Profile in a kindo family tree dating back to 1702


Pretty cool to know that we’re developing something that can do this, for people in 9 languages spread across 116 countries ;-)

_ Kindo – Profile in a kindo family tree dating back to 1702

We recently had a posting on our forum where one of our users, Rudolf Hager told us that he and his uncle had built a family tree dating back to 1702.

And we’ve got so much more coming!

Kindo in 116 countries and growing


_ Kindo » Kindo in 116 countries and growing

Since going live on the 22nd of October, people from all over the world have been trying Kindo. Personally, it’s been an amazing journey as we’re able to see what countries people are joining Kindo from, and thus how Kindo is growing. As of today, the number of countries Kindo users are in has grown to 116 ;-)

Pretty exciting stuff ;-)