SA: Run for the hills, the country is falling apart

by oneafrikan on February 19, 2008

Great post from Peter about what’s going on in SA… recommended reading.
_ Run for the hills, the country is falling apart

Going to have a good old rant, it has been a while. For all the new people – this happens every now and then, I have a really good self-righteous rant about something. Don’t be scared and always remember that I always have one aim for all my emails – to make you think. (And apologies to everyone overseas, this is addressed to the local South Africans)

And what better to rant about than the recent load-shedding and Jacob Zuma as the next president. People keep telling me that the country is in big trouble, that Eskom’s woes are a major problem and will spell the end of our economy, and that when Zuma becomes president he is going to run the country further into the ground. Time to leave, time to get out while you can! Do I agree that South Africa is in big trouble? Yes, I do absolutely. We have major issues that threaten our stability, happiness and future prospects. Complicated issues that will take a very long time to solve. These issues however are NOT Eskom or Zuma. They are not new issues either.

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