Thoughts on third day of SxSW – 10th March 2008

by oneafrikan on March 11, 2008

Spent a lot of today working, so not as much detail as yesterday ;-)

Scaling boot camp was pretty interesting and some new ideas coming out of that. Key take homes were:

  • understand what has to happen in order to go into “scaling mode” – what are the red flags?
  • don’t scale until you have to
  • know what your key pain points are
  • languages don’t scale, infrastructure/architecture does
  • bring business into the discussion so they understand the implications of having to scale

Managing creative environments by some of the guys at Adaptive Path was a nice breath of fresh air.
Finding parallels with what we’re doing at Kindo was challenging, but I think I’ve got a few ideas that make sense.
Key take homes were around:

  • giving everyone on your team a sense of ownership through empowering them
  • getting everyone in your team to take on all your functions so they are empathetic to what others do on a daily basis
  • keeping things fresh through rotation
  • staying out of long drawn out debates – it’s either yes, or no; and if there’s indecision, then discussion can take place

This panel was kinda fortuitous and relevant for me, ‘cos some of the stuff I was dealing with today brought some of the above points home quite clearly. Am reflecting on this, but fairly sure I could have done things differently… ;-(

Surviving Startup Mistakes from Mike and Saul of FreshBooks was super super engaging. It’s always nice to meet people who are willing to talk you through their mistakes so you’re able to learn from them, and to meet people that are dealing with the same or similar issues that you are…
Key take homes for me were around work/life balance, and persistence.
Sounds like they’ve got a great product, so suggest taking a look – wish them well and hope they grow into a SAS powerhouse ;-) Am also hoping to do a panel with Mike next year – lets see how my panel tomorrow goes first…

Finally, good luck to Peter Nixey, who is going to be launching ClickPass tomorrow – really hope he gets some good momentum going ;-)


Cheers Gareth – thanks for the link and we’re looking forward to it!

by Peter nixey on March 11, 2008 at 1:02 am. Reply #

finally, hard work helps to grow! hats off peter nixey. you know what you inspire me! thanks.

by Eugene Hill on December 19, 2018 at 7:12 am. Reply #

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