Make Vernon Koekemoer famous!!! Again…


From Facebook:

VERNON KOEKEMOER rose to fame in just 2 days after pictures of his awesomeness was circulated on the web. The original pictures where taken at H2O, and the world decided that this legend of a man should be famous… the rest… as they say… is history…

Unfortunately his original fan group closed down, but we decided that the world has not had enough of… the man… the legend… VERNON KOEKEMOER

So, please help us make Vernon Koekemoer famous, by using his picture, cropping, cutting, and pasting it into pictures of exotic places, historical moments, and general moments of awesomeness, so that he can once again rise to fame, flex his biceps, and sokkie the night away!!!

Please invite all your friends, especially the creative ones who know their way around Photoshop, and help us to:


If you’re Saffa, check it out. If you’re not, Chuck Norris, beware!!! ;-)

4 thoughts on “Make Vernon Koekemoer famous!!! Again…

  1. Big fans from Durbs

    Vernon Koekemoer moet vir ons kom kuier in Durbs!

    * As Vernon Koekemoer nies, styg die naaste vliegtuig sommer vanself op.

    * Vernon Koekemoer se vingerafdruk word gebruik om beeste te brandmerk.

    * Vernon Koekemoer gebruik sy naeltjie om sy selfoon te charge

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