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Respek for Damien, he’s produced something fresh and easy on the eyes ;-)
_ Presenting v6 – blog – coda.coza

My previous design lasted for almost half of that time. Despite its shortcomings (lack of a feature-rich CMS) and obvious design flaws, and given the amount of recognition that it received, I became hesitant to change it much. Until the waves of spam attacks began.

Since my blog was running on a bespoke system, it became increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage, which partly explains why I haven’t been posting as regularly.

So after a tricky data migration and clean-up (the volume of crap I’ve written in the past 6 years is embarrassing), a tiresome metadata capturing process (adding titles and tags to 770 posts), and a couple of design revisions later, this blog has undergone a complete overhaul and is now powered by WordPress 2.5.1 with a super collection of plugins.

Ever seen a double rainbow before?


I was walking in Wimbledon last night, and managed to get myself into a nice shower, which was cool ‘cos I had my brolly… Love walking in the rain when I’m not getting really wet.

Even cooler tho’, was the double rainbow that came out afterwards, which was totally awesome. I’ve seen a fair few rainbows in my time in Africa, but never a double one…

Here’s a photo for you:

_ Checkout the set if you wanna see more…

All shot with my trusty Nokia 6300 under the umbrella!

Building a Startup You Love is Hard (BaSYLiH) – Final Draft


OK, so this has become somewhat of a labour of love the last month or so, where I’ve snuck bits of time here and there to get this to a point where I’m happy it makes sense, and there’s not much more I can add to it now…

Please check it out, let me know what you think, comment on this post for feedback (or email me), and send me typos!

Once I’ve done one more pass of it and I’m happy it’s ready for consumption, I’m gonna create a page for it to live at (while other plans get rolling – thanks Ed!).

Here it is: Building a Startup You Love is Hard (BaSYLiH) – Final Draft.

Edit: If you’d rather read on Scribd, here it is – thanks to David for putting it there.

Enjoy ;-)