Training using your heart rate as a guide

by oneafrikan on April 23, 2008

Last year my brother bought me a Polar heart rate monitor for my birthday, and it’s the one thing that changed the way I trained and which had a positive effect on my training.

I started off using the manual that came with it, but that was kinda technical and didn’t really tell me what I needed to do, but was enough to piece together info to get started.

In short, I was always overtraining (symptom of thinking I’m still 21 and my brain wanting to do more than my body realistically can) so I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So I cut back, went slower, ran according to my heart rate guides, and things got better.

Shoot forward to this year, and one day recently Stephen hands me this printout of how to train using your heart rate as a guide. Turns out his brother Matthew wrote it up based on years of his own experience, reading magazines dedicated to fitness, and I’m pretty sure learning from others.

So this is not my work or writing, but Matthew has said I can put it up here for others to benefit from too ;-) (Maybe he should start a fitness blog?) Anyways, if you’re interested in using a heart rate monitor, or want to know how to train using your heart rate, then in my humble estimation this is the easiest to read and understand guide I’ve read…

_ Heart Rate Monitoring and training guide, By Matthew Blake

Thanks to Matthew ;-)

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