Lions at the gate: Microsoft vs Yahoo


If you’re interested in the inner workings of internet capitalism, then this should give you some good insight into how the system works…

_ Microsoft-Yahoo, Version 2.0

Every day it looks more likely that Yahoo! (YHOO) co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo will lose control of the company they built into the Net’s first iconic brand. Days after they appeared to have dodged an unsolicited $47.5 billion acquisition bid from Microsoft, raider Carl Icahn began buying millions of Yahoo shares, building up a 4.3% stake.

On May 15 he announced plans to replace Yahoo’s board in hopes of getting the company back to the negotiating table with Microsoft. Apparently with some success: On May 18, Microsoft signaled renewed interest in Yahoo by jumping back in with a fresh proposal that involves, as one option, taking over Yahoo’s search-advertising business

My take, it’s gonna happen – there’s too much to be gained from it, for it not to happen. Guess the question is in what form and when.

Welcome to the Kindo Family, Denmark!


Kindo is now in 15 languages… ;-)
_ Gratis stamtræ på Kindo – Welcome to the Family, Denmark!

Kindo just launched in Danish! Our last name research pages for Denmark have been live for quite some time now, and finally we have launched Kindo in Danish! It should soon be available via as well.

Danish home pageThe new language was made possible by Aske and Brian who have translated the whole website voluntarily. Thanks a lot for your help guys! Especially Aske has worked incredibly hard on this; and amazingly fast as well.

The new Danish version takes our language toll to 15! The Kindo family is spreading the globe ;-)

Been down with nasty cough and flu


Been sick in bed the whole week with a nasty cough, and flu type symptoms… not been great at all, and super boring just coughing all the time.

Has reminded me very clearly how important stable health is for pretty much everything, and how it’s almost, if not definitely, ones most important priority. If you’re not healthy, what can you do with any effectiveness? Note to self…

Here comes Neotel – Competition to Telkom


Some good news for the SA tech people out there ;-)

_ Financial Mail – Here comes Neotel

SA’s second fixed-line network operator was meant to begin operating in May 2002, when Telkom lost its statutory monopoly over fixed-line telecommunications. Six years later, the company – known now as Neotel – will finally launch its services to consumers.

All signs are that Neotel is finally gaining traction – and that it’s prepared to take the fight to Telkom. Despite warning initially that it wouldn’t start a price war with Telkom, indications are that it will compete aggressively on price. The company is still reluctant to talk prices, but some details are emerging.

Hat tip to Tim, who still does not have a blog yet.. ;-(

Life is too short to dance with fat girls


Stephen finally gets a blog, and starts with a nice controversial blog post ;-)
_ Life is too short to dance with fat girls – Peeled Carrots by Stephen Blake

To get to the title of my first post – “Life is too short to dance with fat girls”. I heard it yesterday while watching Episode 8 of Californication, a new American mini series, where David Duchovny plays Hank Moody, a famous author with writers block. Hank’s father tells him that while the two of them are having a father to son chat at a bar – I had a good chuckle when I heard him say it :)

Nice one Steve – looking forward to some good content!!