South African Leaders Day

by oneafrikan on July 11, 2008

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_ Welcome to Leaders Day!

Negativity has overwhelmed our country.
There is so much negativity in South Africa at present even the brightest souls are reacting negatively. Although Leaders Day is for all leaders (government, political, educational, business, science, religious etc. – or anyone who leads other people), the government leaders of our country are going through a difficult time. This is a concern for many people. We can riot, march, strike, send letters, threaten – but none of this is going to help. Its reactive, its negative and more importantly it’s judgmental. There is sometimes place for masses of people to riot and make a noise about something they are unhappy about. Nothing wrong with this but it is probably not going to solve the problem in the long term, nor work in harmony with the big picture.

Lets show positive intention and lets show it BIG.
Negativity generates more negativity like a cancer. Only we can stop this sickness before it wipes us out. Our positive stand on Leaders Day will encourage our leaders to move forward in a positive and decisive manner. Each person taking part will also be inspired – giving or showing good intention lights up ones soul. Imagine a soccer team going onto the field being negative – they’ll lose. Have you ever seen an orchestra playing music negatively? There are many things we can do positively and we should all do more of these things. Leaders Day is one of them.

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