Battery “Last full charge” value decreasing in Thinkpad T42p

by oneafrikan on December 17, 2008

Posted on Ubuntu forums, getting desperate ;-) Hey All, Wonder if anyone could shed some light on this? Since switching to Ubuntu, I’ve been through two standard batteries, and am onto another 9 cell extended battery, which is starting to (…)

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by oneafrikan on December 17, 2008

Check it out: _ Nice way for Herman Miller to engage people with their brand…. posting it ‘cos I like the question of today – “how can we become better consumers?” – and kinda hoping they stick along those (…)

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Hummus is life

by oneafrikan on December 15, 2008

Since coming to Israel, I’ve eaten a fair bit of hummus, and I have to say it’s much better than the stuff we get in Londres… and Tahini is even better IMO. I’m really starting to enjoy it ;-) Here’s (…)

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Checkout Snickers Rugby / American Football advert

by oneafrikan on December 14, 2008

Nice advert, not rugby though ;-)

Google Zeitgeist 2008

by oneafrikan on December 13, 2008

Makes for interesting reading… _ Google Zeitgeist 2008 As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look at the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated us in 2008. As it happens, studying the aggregation of (…)

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ubuntu /dev/sda1 full in system monitor; machine grinds to halt; basic properties say different

by oneafrikan on December 12, 2008

Just posted a thread in the Ubuntu forums: OK so last night I was doing an rsync backup, as you do on a Thursday evening, and rsync stalled saying something about not enough memory… So I had a look (…)

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Good Sleeptracker experience

by oneafrikan on December 11, 2008

So I was at SxSW in Austin, Texas, earlier this year, where I heard Jason Fried talk well of the Sleeptracker watch… so I decided to get one since good sleep is something I’ve always battled to get more of, (…)

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