FYI: How not to do customer support….

by oneafrikan on February 26, 2009

I’m no expert, I’m a zoologist earning a crust on the web, but when this came into my Inbox today via a MyHeritage group mail, it made me happy as Larry as a competitor, but also made me wonder how Geni can expect to encourage users to stick with their service (when there is competition), when customer support on live public forums comes out like this:

_ Unjustified forum moderation « Geni Forum

I don’t see how threads that have degenerated to planning a boycott of geni or finding alternatives is really pertinent to the purposes of this forum. If this doesn’t suit you perhaps next time I’ll simply delete the threads.

Would you like some cheese with that whine, Sir?

I believe this is the thread that started it all:

My take home and advice is this: In any web endevour there will be competition no matter what you do or how unique you think you are, and your job as a company trying to make money from your users by providing them with a service, is to keep them happy, at ALL costs, ALL the time. Rackspace calls this “fanatical support”; Guy Kawasaki calls this “creating evangelists from your users”.

Common sense dictates that when your most valuable resource is your userbase, then listening, and acting accordingly, is what wins you loyalty and continued custom…

Ignore this at your peril.

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