Jaunty Jackalope upgrade issues – evolution, window decoration, workspace switcher, ALT-TAB not working

by oneafrikan on May 19, 2009

Anyone having any issues with evolution, their keyboard shortcuts or window decoration, after an upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope? [updated: my solution, at least for now, at the bottom]

Am finding the following so far, with visual (desktop) effects set to normal:

  1. there doesn’t seem to be a window manager working if I choose not to use compiz – windows all load top left and don’t have the usual minimise, maxmise, close buttons you’d expect (a launchpad bug)
  2. alt-tab doesn’t work and switching between workspaces doesn’t work
  1. after evolution got an upgrade, I restarted it, it asked for some backup files stuff which I gave, then before I could say “superfly” my mail was gone.  Like, gone, totally borked.  Good thing I backup regularly.

Tried removing .gconf* .gnome* and .config*, with had no effect.
This is super disappointing in some ways, in others you take it as it is ‘cos it’s free and you love it! ;-)

Day 2 of the upgrade saga and it looks like there are loads of peeps with the same or similiar issues – primarily around ATI driver support with Jaunty….  still working on it.  Incredibly frustrating now, and hard to believe this slipped thru… ;-(

Day 3 now, and I’ve got email back (moved to Thunderbird out of frustation), and running Compiz so that there is window decoration and the alt+tab and workspace switching works.  Problem is I still have to set that up each time I reboot….  so trying to figure that out, amidst getting email and contacts working properly on TB.  .xsession-errors seems to have something going on there, so looking into that now…

Seems there are people with the same problem – just needed to know what questions to ask Google ;-( Still no solution that works for me yet, so the search goes on.

Right, now I’m even more convinced something fishy is going on here – my gnome settings that I’ve been changing as I’ve been doing stuff have not been saved… which implies there is a gnome / gconf session saving issue.  Still digging.

Final update (I hope):
Ok, seems that there is a fix of sorts, which is working for me so far (restarting fine). Found this thread on the Ubuntuforums, which has led to the following:

To get Metacity working, the dirty hack is to add:

metacity --replace

to the list of startup applications, which seems to work fine if you’re set against compiz.

I was, but after trying it a bit the last two days it’s much much better than when I last tried it a year ago, so I’ve taken most of the gee whiz out and kept some of the usable stuff.

So to use compiz, I’ve installed all the relevant Compiz packages in synaptic, as well as “Compiz Fusion Icon”, which actually turned out to be the missing link, as well as adding:


to the list of startup apps.  So now I have the Fusion Icon in the Notification area next to the volume applet, but most importantly my windows have decoration / borders, I can alt+tab, and switch between workspaces (each one has a diff purpose for me).  I’m prepared to take a small performance hit if it means I can do that, and hey, my machine might actually start to look sexy, especially after setting up Gnome-do properly… ;-)  I’m also going to take a look at some emerald themes to see what they have to offer.


Hi Gareth,

I had the same problem as you are. The root cause of my problem was that the graphics driver that I use is blacklisted by compiz. Compiz happens to blacklist i965 user due to this bug:


You might want to check if this is the case for you.

A few solution to this problem are as follow:

1) add the following line:


in ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager

OR 2)

[sudo gedit /usr/bin/compiz]

and check if your pci id is blacklisted. If it is, just comment out that line.

Hope that helps.

by Hussein Yapit on June 12, 2009 at 3:49 am. Reply #

thanks man, gonna check that out ;-)

by Gareth Knight on June 12, 2009 at 4:46 pm. Reply #

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