Shameless plug – please vote for my panels at SxSW Interactive 2010 ;-)

by oneafrikan on August 26, 2009

If you’ve got a few mins, would appreciate your vote for my panel submission for SxSW next year ;-)

Starting and Selling Startups – Lessons From the Coalface

This session looks at finding that ‘right idea’ and following it through the phases of building a company, building the product and selling it on. It covers people, technology, finance, working with investors, scaling-up, general do’s and don’ts, what to look out for in an acquisition partner and more…
Questions Answered:
1. Why values and working with integrity is so important
2. Why talk is cheap and execution is everything
3. Why hiring right is so important and what you should do to motivate, grow and develop your team
4. Why you can’t succeed on your own
5. Why a frugal approach to technology, premises and other operational elements makes sense
6. How you distinguish between attitude , aptitude and talent; which you need and how you go about acquiring staff with the right mix of each
7. When equity is important, and when it’s not
8. How to tell serious investors from ‘chancers’ and how (in general) one should work with investors
9. The pros and cons of an acquisition – when to take it and when to run for the hills
10. How not to get sucked into the black-hole of scaling-up

Starting and Selling Startups - Lessons From the Coalface

Lessons From the Long Trenches: Bootstrapping 301

Bootstrapping can be a painful, problem-ridden process, laden with hundreds of potential mistakes the eager entrepreneur can make. From strategy, to finding funding and managing resources, this session shares hard-earned insights into what some of those obstacles are, what tools startups need and why it’s definitely worth it.
Questions Answered:
1. Why is bootstrapping one of the best ways to start a company?
2. Why are integrity and values so important?
3. How do I leverage what capital I have, even if it’s not much?
4. What kind of people should I hire?
5. What skills do I need in order to bootstrap successfully?
6. Why I should “Always Be Closing”?
7. Why starting up is just a state of mind, and not a state of being.
8. How do I leverage debt and credit smartly?
9. Why do I need to be good at networking?
10. Why do I need systems and processes?

Lessons From the Long Trenches: Bootstrapping 301

If you do, thanks millions.
If you’re gonna be there, please ping me / comment so we can make a plan to hook up then.
And, checkout the other interactive panels too!


I don’t know what panels are and this got to me through a mailing list, just thought a scentence more of descriptive text might yield more for you G.

by mojito on August 27, 2009 at 4:59 pm. Reply #

done, thanks dude ;-)

by Gareth Knight on August 27, 2009 at 5:30 pm. Reply #

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