Making progress, skimming the molasses

by oneafrikan on September 12, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. As an aspiring social entrepreneur and increasingly part time geek, I’ve had my theories on why technical / programmer / geek / web type people stick to certain kinds of focus areas when trying to (…)

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Ten Startup-Related Panels from the SxSW Panel Picker on ReadWriteStart

by oneafrikan on September 9, 2009

w00t! Pretty excited to see that my panel submission has been highlighted by the folks at ReadWriteStart /ReadWriteWeb… ;-) If you’re going to SxSW and you’re into bootstrapping / building a startup, then this is a great place to start (…)

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Building a startup you love: Set real goals you can achieve

by oneafrikan on September 2, 2009

This is an in-depth post, which is part of a series on Building a Startup You Love. The original (short) version is at: Building a Startup You Love is Hard. The first post was written for ISLabs, and is at: (…)

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