Attention to detail

by oneafrikan on April 26, 2011

I’ve found myself obsessing over a few pixels for the better part of a few hours now, and while doing it I’ve been thinking how I can slim things down so just the most important is left behind, so the user see the attention to detail we’ve put in.

Too often we pore over every detail in the hope of everything being 100% perfect, everywhere. I know that’s my natural tendency. I think this is something almost unrealistic to expect, or manage for.

Instead, why don’t we think of making 100% of the 20% that counts, perfect; rather than 80% of the 100%, which leads to noise?

That way we end up with something which is slimmed down, but the attention to detail will be obvious to those that see the result of what has been done. And then the opportunity is to gradually increase the 20%, or keep it that way. Most often, people only use 20% or less of a product anyways, it’s just the way we are.

This is nothing new, so I’m not claiming original thought here – more than anything, this is a little line in the sand to remind me every time I start going down rabbit holes!


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