Functional workout: “Still Alive”

by oneafrikan on May 2, 2011

Today I wanted to see where I was and whether I’ve still got the strength to go back to using weights in workouts to get more out of the time spent.

So in honour of the song by Pearl Jam, “Alive”, I decided to call this functional workout “Still alive”.

So, splits were:
5 min warmup row

4 sets of following exercises:
10 x kettlebell squat to shoulder press
10 x kettlebell bent over row
10 x kettlebell deadlift to lateral raise (so bells endup just below chin)
10 x kettlebell pushup (pushups using big ass kettlebell, aiming for chest to dip below handles)
2 min rest between reps

Aim was to do weights light enough to complete the 4 sets, which worked.
Completed this in 26 mins (33 min total – 5 min row – 2 mins warmup / finding bells, setting up space); with 395 Kcal (which wasn’t enough). The last pushups rep took at least 4 mins as well (last few were agony), so when stronger there, should complete the workout quicker.

My aim is to burn 500Kcal in each workout session, so decided to do a short cardio on top of this to push out the burn, so did:
20 x lateral box jumps (1 step)
20 x lateral box jumps (2 steps)
10 x kettlebell swings
10 x lateral box jumps (2 steps)
10 x kettlebell swings
20 x lateral box jumps (2 steps)
Lateral jumps were jumps side to side over Reebok step thingy, then HR back to 130.
Last 10 of last 20 jumps was hardest.

According to my HRM:
Ended with 506 Kcal, with total time of 41min, including the row.
32m in the zone (between 120 odd, and 157 odd).
Avg HR of 131.
Max HR of 161.

Notes to self:
Last pushup set was hardest of them all. Ended up doing alternating pushups on the step moving left to right to see how far I could go. In general, it worked – I was totally pooped by the time I got into the shower, and when shaving getting my arms up was sore.

To get this to 800 Kcal, will add a good HIIT run on top. But we’re not there yet ;-)


I start my training and eating plan tomorrow. Got a lot of fat to burn off so hitting it hard. Plan on being in super shape by the next T4A!

by Craig on May 2, 2011 at 6:33 pm. Reply #

Me too ;-)

Was tired and fat at last T4A – looking at the videos and photos I’m kinda ashamed at how far I’d let myself go…

Have cut out wheat & gluten, using complex carbs for blood sugar maintenance (mainly porridge, rice & potatoes), have way less sugar now, and only do protein and veggies for dinner (carbs before lunch workout, up to 5pm) and am finding it’s working really well – making a noticeable difference.


by oneafrikan on May 2, 2011 at 6:53 pm. Reply #

We can have a compo for best body of T4A 2011 :) Just remember that in order to maintain a specific calorie burn you’ll need to train longer, not shorter. As you get fitter you’ll need more time to hit the same numbers.

by Craig on May 3, 2011 at 3:13 pm. Reply #

Or with more intensity… ;-)

Did a test today – a 25 min run today was almost 100kcal less than the same run 4 weeks ago, so your case in point.

So from next week, will be upping the speed, and doing more HIIT.

But yea – duration and intensity are key! ;-)

by oneafrikan on May 3, 2011 at 4:28 pm. Reply #

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