What stage are you at?

by oneafrikan on April 18, 2013

Got this from the UserVoice blog, great representation of company growth cycles. Glad to see we’ve made it through some hurdles ;-)

This is what Google, Baidu, Yahoo and others will do to your server…

by oneafrikan on April 15, 2013

We got caned by the bots this weekend, and this is what it does to server CPU ;-( The top left graph is the most interesting, the top right graph puts into perspective. Good thing we’ve got some power plumbing (…)

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Our guiding principles at Wedo

by oneafrikan on April 10, 2013

Just done the April all hands meet with the whole team, thought I’d post the essential bits and the deck here: Who we are: We do simple shopping Simple, informative, easy, reliable eCommerce. In everything we do, we follow these (…)

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