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by oneafrikan on March 4, 2014

Work hard at your company culture, and keep working at it. Don’t give up, and don’t compromise on your values.

Now, the last 12 weeks have been incredibly trying.

I’ve reached moments of exultation, madness and mania, worked through stress & fatigue, generally kept my head without leaping off buildings or launching into tirades, all during some of the most trying aligning of circumstances that I could imagine.

No doubt, 5 years from now I’ll be like:

But we’re talking about now, so let’s get back to that… Recently we got asked to do a short application for an EU startup competition, where one of the questions was around company culture.

So Isabelle posted a little SurveyMonkey survey, and this is what came back:
5 6.90% – 2
6 20.69% – 6
7 20.69% – 6
8 20.69% – 6
9 6.90% – 2
10 24.14% – 7
Total 29

1. great people make a great company
2. We’re trusted to figure out most things on our own.
3. The atmosphere is a good compromise of hard-working and laid back.
4. Good atmosphere
5. Of the Culture and the people
6. it’s growing fast and I can learn a lot in that process
7. Everyone is happy and time flies.
8. it treats you like family
9. The people are great, we have social events and we now have a flexible time off system
10. It is made of great people
11. Great Colleagues and values
12. The company culture is brilliant! Awesome people to work with too :-)
13. Family ethic and transparency.
14. Of the people!
15. we have great people working on interesting problems and we have a laugh while working hard
16. Employees get fantastic career growth that are hard to come by at other companies
17. Ed tells me stories about his Twingo
18. of the amazing people that work for the company and because you know how to treat your employees
19. We’re the little guy.
20. Its fun and friendly and I have learnt so many extra skills
21. There are some fun people around.
22. Of the people
23. Interesting people, interesting work
24. some fun people work here
25. We’re doing things differently from other retail or furniture companies
26. of the fun friendly working environment
27. Everyone is of a similar age and likes to be social!
28. Company Culture, Opportunities
29. it’s young, it’s fresh, people are cool

After all that’s happened in the last 12 weeks, I can go home smiling ;-)

As for the rest: grit teeth, hustle and metronome.

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