Just upgraded to Omnifocus 3…

by oneafrikan on February 4, 2021

I find myself back in a place where I can fully embrace Omnifocus as my GTD brain of choice, so last night I checked I could upgrade to 3 on my primary devices (the Mac I’m writing this on is from 2011 and has had open heart surgery 3 times so is no longer a primary device, will only go so far as 10.13.6, so it won’t support 3, BUT GUESS WHAT, the great folks at OmniGroup have made things backwards compatible for Ver 2 – thank you!!), and everything worked flawlessly.

Chose the 1 Yr subscription plan and so now I have 3 on iPhone, iPad, Mac’s, and browser version for Windows / Linux.

First thought: I never really liked the idea of “contexts” in the previous versions. I found the idea of only one context limiting. So I prefer the way “tags” are implemented in the new version – I’m doing home admin, I need to fill 30 mins with productive actions, and I want them to relate to bills – BAM, 3 tags does it. And no mouse clicks in sight.

Second thoughts: None yet, but will update as I get my brain back into Omnifocus fully. Right now it’s scattered over notebooks, Evernote, Trello and Miro.

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