The Logitech MX Keys keyboard is awesome

by oneafrikan on February 11, 2021

Background: I’ve struggled with RSI from the tip of my middle finger to the back of my shoulders for a long time now, basically from 20 years of typing. One day on the trackpad and I can feel it coming back. My solution in the end was to get a cheap squash sweatband / wristband from Amazon, and fairly good ergonomic devices, which mean I don’t have that daily RSI pain I used to.

So I’ve just started using the Logitech MX Keys.

After about two weeks, I can honestly say it’s better than the Mac keyboards I’ve been using (long & short, with USB cables, not the wireless ones) the last 10 years or so. It’s exceeded my expectations by a fair margin.

Even better, you can tether it to 3 machines with either bluetooth or the usb thingamajig, so along with the MX Master mouse (I have an earlier generation than the current one – also 3 devices), I’ve drastically reduced desk clutter whilst making typing even better. So I’ve got my Linux box under the desk, my personal Mac Mini & the work Mac, all running from the same keyboard & mouse.

Pair both devices with the Options software, and it’s pretty cool.

We spend so much of our lives using a keyboard & mouse (same as the carpenter and his chisel, or your bed & pillow), it makes sense to invest.

If you’re thinking about getting it, just do it, you won’t regret it. ;-)

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