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Sending and receiving Tweets from Twitter using the Twitter API

by oneafrikan on February 18, 2009

I’m looking at proof of concepts for integrating Twitter for MyHeritage users, so doing some reading and hacking (can you call it that these days?). Note this isn’t exhaustive or a rating, just looking for something specific. My top rated (…)

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The best complaint letter EVER, promise…. well, so far.

by oneafrikan on February 2, 2009

This is ROTFL funny…. enjoy: _ REAL BUSINESS – Richard Branson: the best Virgin Atlantic complaint letter EVER A brief sample: I imagine the same questions are racing through your brilliant mind as were racing through mine on that fateful (…)

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Change has come to the White House

by oneafrikan on January 21, 2009

Check it out if you haven’t already: _ Really like what they are doing on the site, think it sets the tone and raises the bar of online efforts for pretty much everyone trying to engage… awesome work. As (…)

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by oneafrikan on December 17, 2008

Check it out: _ Nice way for Herman Miller to engage people with their brand…. posting it ‘cos I like the question of today – “how can we become better consumers?” – and kinda hoping they stick along those (…)

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Hummus is life

by oneafrikan on December 15, 2008

Since coming to Israel, I’ve eaten a fair bit of hummus, and I have to say it’s much better than the stuff we get in Londres… and Tahini is even better IMO. I’m really starting to enjoy it ;-) Here’s (…)

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Checkout Snickers Rugby / American Football advert

by oneafrikan on December 14, 2008

Nice advert, not rugby though ;-)

Good Sleeptracker experience

by oneafrikan on December 11, 2008

So I was at SxSW in Austin, Texas, earlier this year, where I heard Jason Fried talk well of the Sleeptracker watch… so I decided to get one since good sleep is something I’ve always battled to get more of, (…)

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