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A World’s First for iPhone. Only at (mt).

by oneafrikan on August 8, 2007

All you need is an iPhone ;-)

Naked CTO series: Starting to get my head above water

by oneafrikan on July 11, 2007

The last few weeks have been amazing ride of ordered chaos. Coming back from leave I’ve had to catch up with everything, as well as stay afloat with what’s already going on. Working with an excellent team has meant that (…)

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Naked CEO series: work life balance and health/fitness at a startup

by oneafrikan on May 15, 2007

I’ve got 10 mins to write this so I’ll keep this as short and brief as possible ;-) I’m really struggling with this work life balance and exercise thing. I’m totally cool with where I am regards the amount of (…)

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Naked CEO series: Fighting fires and differing perspectives

by oneafrikan on May 3, 2007

Lately it seems that what I do is fight fires all day long. I can’t remember tha last time I sat down for a full day and cranked something out, much less a full week. No complaints at all, it (…)

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Naked CEO series: Number one frustation at the moment is resourcing

by oneafrikan on April 27, 2007

My first post here where I’m just ad-libbing as it comes off the top of my head. I need to go to bed, so trying to get this out now instead of delaying. My number one frustation at the moment (…)

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Getting things done and keeping peace of mind in a growing business

by oneafrikan on April 11, 2007

So today I was in meetings most of the day, but apart from some interesting project meetings, a discussion about the naked CEO came up, and I got inspired. So I’ve written up two blog posts and decided to alter (…)

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Ubuntu or Mac? Your thoughts please…

by oneafrikan on April 3, 2007

After this weekends Blue Screen of Death problems (BSOD) I was totally ready to go to the Apple store in Central London and just buy a MacBook Pro. Totally. Why buy another PC machine that will run Vista when everyone (…)

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