Re-thinking Twitter, or better put, Signal vs Noise


5 min time allocation for this post….

Twitter has become too noisy for me. Because I live in startup and tech land, the insane number of meaningless tweets I was thumbing through whenever I used twitter was becoming more and more frustrating. Too much inane noise, not enough (connection or) signal.

So I’ve unfollowed everyone except those people I work closely with, are family, or are going to become family.

In an effort to find the signal that is right for me right now, I’m going to limit myself to following no more than 300 people. If that doesn’t work, I’ll take it down to that theoretical maintainable friends network number of 150 (anyone confirm?).

Lets’ see what happens.

Where are the meetups?


Last evening we had an informal meetup for BigData people in London, where we got to listen to some interesting talks from people working in BigData, and meet some cool people. Held at WhiteBearYard, where PassionCapital is based.

That in itself is not the interesting for most people ;-)

But what is, is that a bunch of people got together to share what they’re doing, and talk about some interesting problems and solutions they’re dealing with. This is how you learn new stuff, meet new people like yourself, find new hires, and broaden your horizons. It’s essential.

Where are the meetups ?
Where are people gathering to learn, interact, and take over the world?
What elegant solutions are people working on to difficult problems?