Hi there,

Due to email overload, I subscribe to this policy:
If you’ve emailed in the last two years, and not had a response, I’m sorry ;-)
Read my notes here.

In an effort to simplify emails and keep them nice and short, I’ve decided to put contact details up here. It’s kinda lame when you try sending emails in under 5 sentences, but your signature is more than double.


gareth.knight @ gmail dot com
gareth.knight @ technovated dot com
gareth @ tech4africa dot com


More about me:


UK Toll free: 0800 130 3690
London office: +44 (0) 207 788 1023
UK mobile: +44 (0) 77 66 00 66 56

Chat / Skype:

skype: iamoneafrikan
IM / chat: gareth.knight @ gmail dot com



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Notes on email:

I’ve realised that actually speaking to people is more productive than emailing. You get more done faster.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that email shouldn’t be synchronous.
It sounds arrogant, but think about it – if our interests are aligned for the same purpose, then a quick response is generally a result of realising that, then acting on it. If not, then our priorities are different right now, and c’est la vie. That’s life, as they say in the classics. We all try our best, hopefully tomorrow we do better ;-)