Due to my rugged good looks and boundless energy ;-), I’ve been asked to do a few interviews.  In most recent first order, they are:

Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Was interviewed for Spirit of an Entrepreneur, on what I believe is fundamental to a successful businesss.

To quote Spirit of an Entrepreneur, it is “A documentary series in which we have in depth no holds barred interviews with successful South African entrepreneurs. We get to listen to their personal stories and understand what they perceive to be the present business opportunities, as well as the challenges to overcome in a post apartheid South Africa where a new and exciting frontier dawns. We hope to continue meeting South Africans with the spirit of an entrepreneur, WHO WANT TO BE A PART OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN DREAM.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Take a look at all the interviews here. Thanks to Candice ;-)

Your Business magazine

Was interviewed for an article in the June / July 2010 Your Business magazine on setting up an online business. Questions were around trends, hard work and hitting the jackpot, targeting a market, competition and taking payments, amongst others.

Pdf file of the article here.

Mail & Guardian newspaper

Was interviewed for the technology section of the M&G 200 Young South Africans you have to take to lunch annual survey.

From the Editor, Nic Dawes:
The Mail & Guardian is well known for tough journalism and we can, at times, serve up a pretty depressing menu of bad people doing bad things. It is not, however, gratuitous misery. Robust investigative and political writing aims to hold open space in our society for the building of a richer democracy, in all possible ways. Our annual survey of Young South Africans is really the flipside of our investigative work. It’s an effort to identify and recognize the emerging talents whose work thrills us with its potential. When we put them all together in one room for lunch, we get an extraordinary sense of a country being born around us. And far from being just future stars, our 200 picks are making real impacts now within their own fields, but crucially beyond them too.

The Digital Edge podcast

Episode 66: Ning goes paid for, Malema brand value and Tech4Africa.

Was interviewed by Saul for The Digital Edge on Tech4Africa, where we talked about the why and the when of Tech4Africa in August. Will be blogging about that shortly, but for now it’s worth listening to to get some background understanding of the conference.

The South African newspaper

The grass is always greener where you water it.

The Homecoming Revolution held an event in London where the focus was on “The Great Trek Home”, so largely around returning skills, starting businesses and how to do it all if you’re someone returning back home. I was interviewed for the Homecoming Revolution Guide for the Homecoming Revolution Woza Ekhaya event, in The South African newspaper in London, on why I was returning back to South Africa, what I thought the opportunities were, where technology was moving in Africa, what I was looking forward to about moving back home, and why South Africans should attend the event. My take in general, is that the grass is greener not on the other side, but where you water it the most.

GQ magazine

Was interviewed by GQ magazine for a feature they did in the Dec / Jan issue of 2009, on Men of Influence – 35 South Africans Under 35.
Feels kinda surreal being in the same company as Graeme Smith, John Smit, and Fourie Du Preez, amongst other guys doing awesome things, but hey ;-)

Pdf file of the list here.

Men’s Health magazine

Was interviewed for an article in the October 2009 Men’s Health magazine on expats returning back to South Africa.  Questions were around why I was returning back to South Africa, and the issues that I’d encountered.

Pdf file here.

The Sunday Times newspaper

The lure of the beloved country

The quote “What I’ve realised is that the best things that South Africans import are South Africans themselves…”, should be “What I’ve realised is that the best things that South Africans (import and) export are South Africans themselves…” and was originally coined by Shapshak.

The Times newspaper

Geeks shall inherit the Earth.

The GeekRetreat was an inagural event held at Hartebeespoort, where we pretty much got together for a weekend of debate, action and fun, that brought together people from the online business, media, PR, engineering and NGO tech space, to talk about how to make the South African internet better.  I gave a talk on bootstrapping, and was was interviewed after the GeekRetreat, where the tenet of the article was “‘How do we produce the next Mark Shuttleworth?‘” in South Africa, on my experiences with Venture Capital.

The Times newspaper

Expats realise grass greenest at home. Was interviewed for an article on returning expats, around why I felt returning home was a good idea. Note the company I co-founded then was, not ;-)

Building a startup that got acquired

Interviewed by Mongezi at NetwebTV, around my experience with startups and going through an acquisition of one.

We interviewed, co-founder of Kindo, Gareth Knight about building a startup that got acquired. He’s also the organizer of Tech for Africa.

Here’s the audio for the interview also on Zoopy:

Bootstrapping a Startup

Interviewed by Brian Carl Brown for Blue Catalyst, on bootstrapping startups.

The headline points in the video above were:
1. work with contractors / freelancers first
2. hire core team first
3. hire for attitude, not skills
4. be cheap (frugal)
5. don’t pay for anything you don’t have to (get pens from conferences, for example)
6. don’t have any physical stuff in your office
7. use online services as much as possible
8. get a good accountant
9. learn to be as productive as possible
10. find good advisers who want to see you succeed

On YouTube.

Blue Catalyst Smart Stars Update

Interviewed by Brian Carl Brown for Blue Catalyst , on various entrepreneurial issues that one faces.

Video Description: Brian Carl Brown interviews Gareth Knight, an accomplished entrepreneur, and gleans Pearls of Wisdom from his successes and failures. This is a MUST WATCH for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

On YouTube.

Entrepreneurship in family business

Was interviewed by Mia Hammar, a Masters Student from Espoo, Finland, for her Masters thesis where she’s majoring in entrepreneurship in family business. Questions were around who we are, what our history was, how we worked with the investors, what we did to build a company atmosphere and culture, how we approached features for our users, what our ideas of family are, our experiences with startups, and a few more…. Was conducted on good ‘ol Skype. Mia will be sending the thesis when it’s done, so hoping to link to it then. on is a “new take on the traditional family tree”. In this interview, we sit down with Gareth Knight to talk about Kindo and their user acquisition strategy. Gareth shares with us his experience of attracting users to the site and the effectiveness of strategies such as blogging, Google AdWords and PR.

Mike Butcher at the Future of Web Apps conference

On YouTube.

The curious incident of the missing market

Mike Stopforth and Dave Duarte over at Amplitude (not live anymore) interviewed me a while back (early 2007), podcast mp3 here for reference.